2018 started with a bang, with two new members joining our team, Adrian Nortier from Cape Town and Haydn Venter from Bloemfontein. Daily Dose Marketing is looking at creating more space for new clients. We love our current clients but we are looking to grow our client base and allow more opportunities to be creative and grow more businesses. The theme of the year has been that of breaking through as we have had two setbacks that have challenged our grit. So far the team has come out swinging.

Things I’m looking forward to the most this year is the opportunity to create new services for our clients that allow them to have real ways to leverage the power of online marketing. So I’m spending a lot of time on service development.

Further, I have spent some time on developing our Brand and the business plan going forward. This is really allowing me and the team to get a good idea of where we are and where we are going…

Hopefully, I will have time to post soon again.

Creative Director
Daily Dose Marketing